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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

From XHTML to Email Conversion: Web Development at its Best

The website plays a central role for any online company. The online audience communicates with the company through the website. Therefore, it is important that the website function properly. XHTML or hypertext markup language is considered the extended version of HTML. It is the guidelines established under these markup languages that web pages are written. A fast growing trend in the web design market these days is the use of XHTML development

Developers to design web pages use XHTML; moreover, it increases the extensibility of HTML. The Extensible Hypertext Markup Language or XHTML supports stricter and cleaner coding compared to HTML. It combines the features and strengths of HTML and XML. Web pages developed using XHTML are consistent.  It ensures the creation of valid web pages. The validity is extremely important since it ensures that the web pages are free from errors. Therefore, we can say that a well-coded website offers numerous benefits from cross browser compatibility and faster loading to efficient organization and layout of the webpage. 
Besides seamless coding, it is essential to use quality content in the website. Content presents the information about the company to the online viewers. Joomla is a powerful and versatile content management tool. Conversion from Joomla to PSD is an important task in developing web applications. It improves the quality of the web pages and allows the web developers to create customized web solutions according to the requirements put forward by the clients.

Email marketing is another tool most website owners have started implementing in their online brand building strategies. This is restricted to not just ecommerce websites, but businesses of any and every sort, who are a part of the World Wide Web. Thus, a PSD to Email conversion is one such service that can help in creating highly customized email messages. These are enough to create a ‘never seen before’ impact on customers easily. The emails created using this conversion are more appealing to the eyes and emphasize on the use of colors, graphics, and images, which are enough to attract any reader easily. The emails so created are compatible with both desktop email clients as well as online email service providers. Businesses can thus enjoy maximum exposure across a number of platforms, while making use of this conversion. 

Refurbished website is not just preferred by the users and site visitors, but also by the search engine crawlers as the same is more search engine optimized than before. Therefore, all these conversions help in getting a website based on an extremely user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

Monday, 28 April 2014

PHP Development in India - Few Important Things to Know

IT industry world over appears to be flourishing ever since new programming languages have been launched which are advanced as well as well-organized. PHP development India services are counted among those regarded services wherein codes are deduced by a web server with a PHP processor, which as a result gives the final result in form of a web page. Initially PHP was short for Personal Home Page, however now the abbreviation has changed to Hypertext Preprocessor. In modern times, PHP has earned repute in the industry based on dominant and user-friendly features. This leads a majority of application development based projects to rely on PHP development.

Quite an easy language to get a hang of, PHP is compatible with a number of databases, and is a sought after choice by many developers and users. It is also beneficial if you want to establish a multi-lingual website or an e-commerce store; PHP applications are the safest and can influence open source script system for meeting personalized needs. Here are some important PHP services offered by regarded XHTML development companies today
  1. PHP Website Development
  2. PHP Application Configuration
  3. Font Management
  4. PHP Script Customization
  5. Object Oriented Programming
  6. Security Maintenance
  7. Multi Threading Technique
An easy to use open source, PHP is a mainly independent platform which is flexible along with various facilities of enhanced graphics. This software is primarily compatible with Windows or Linux-based servers, in addition saves server costs as well maintenance bills. Only a well-versed in PHP programmer will assist in creating the best website. PHP 4.X and PHP 5.X are some fields, where your programmer must have sufficient knowledge in.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Why choose XHTML Development?

For your website to be functional and easy to access, it is important to understand the importance of various conversion templates available in web development. There are various formats available to design a particular website. Generally, conversion from PSD to less complex templates is a pivotal aspect of developing websites.

Conversions have been proven beneficial as PSD or Photoshop files, being heavy to load, when converted make a website fast and easy to navigate for online users. For instance, PSD to XHTML conversion will add functionality and greater accessibility to your site.

You must wonder the need for conversion templates, when your website functions perfectly fine. An indispensible aspect for the growth of your online business is image and brand building on the extensive platform called the Internet. A user surfing the net for purchasing a product that your website may offer may log on to your site at some point. However, a potential customer will only continue to browse the site, if it is easy to access and navigate. Static or heavy to load sites often leave a user not to keen on continuing to browse; thus, they end up looking for simpler options.

XHTML development plays a key role in bringing and retaining higher web traffic. Enhanced web user traffic is assures search engine optimization of your website. XHTML or Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language is an extended version of the widely implemented Hypertext Markup Language. XHTML adds the following to your website

W3C validated coding

Compatibility with multiple browsers platforms such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and more

Search Engine Optimized coding

Conversion services offered by web developers offer many other advantages for your website.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

XHTML Validation Ensures Quality Web Pages

XHTML or Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language can be described as an XML based extension of HTML. It is a markup language that is used extensively in web development. XHTML allows one to define the web pages and give a structure to the text and graphics included in it. It follows a stricter syntax and therefore provides code that is cleaner. Another major advantage of XHTML is that it offers better efficiency. XHTML validation is very important as it ensures the quality of the website. The validation process assesses the code to confirm that it follows the various syntax rules and standards that are required.

Validation is important as it provides semantic coding and verifies the document. There are efficient validation tools and software available online that can be used for this purpose. The validation verifies the XHTML document with reference to a document type definition provided. Any errors in the document will be brought to one’s notice along with the location of those errors. There are several benefits to using XHTML in web development.

It allows interoperability with other data formats and is more extensible. Many companies specialize in the sphere of XHTML development. They make sure that the code generated conforms to the regulations put forward by W3C. XHTML provides a set of strict syntax rules and tag rules that have to be considered when coding. The tags in XHTML must be closed and they must follow proper nesting sequence. The tags and their attributes should be in lower case. Following these rules while coding the tags and syntax ensures that the code is proper and thus, the web pages can be coded as per the web standards.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Implementing Image Slicing is Beneficial

Images and graphics enhance the presentation of the website. It offers a visual medium to present the information and data before the users. Images including various designs and logo of the company are important to the website. The Photoshop offers a convenient platform for the web developers to create and edit the various designs and images. However, in order to integrate such files in the website successfully, image slicing is an essential process. It can be defined as the process of breaking down the image file into numerable pieces and converting them to suitable codes so that they can be incorporated into an HTML website.

There are several online tools and software available for slicing the images. Slicing the images offer a wide range of benefits. The image can be stretched to fill the space. This enables the developers to place the content suitably so that the page has a neat and organized look. Another advantage offered by this technique is that the web pages take less time to render without compromising on the quality of the website. Developers prefer to use XHTML coding to reduce the number of errors in the web page. This improves the quality of the website.

XHTML or Extensible HyperText Markup Language is essentially an extension of HTML and is based on XML. The XHTML development enables many developers to create web pages as per the current web standards. XHTML coding is an efficient way to make sure that the website conforms to the regulations put forward by the W3C. There are several rules to be followed when coding in XHTML. The various tags used be properly nested and closed. The attribute names must be in lower case.