Monday, 10 December 2012

Improved Website Quality with Sliced Images

Images are used in websites to serve a variety of purposes. The image files are quite bulky and can make the web pages heavy. The process of image slicing enables the developers to make use of the images and designs in the web application in an effective manner. The sliced images are derived by dividing the image into multiple image files, which can be used over one or more web pages. Image slicing is very useful in projects where the web applications are designed with interactive features or media elements.

Slicing of the images offers numerous features to the website. With the slicing process, the images can be organized in the web pages in a better manner. Thus, the content and other elements of the web pages can also be arranged properly, thus enhancing the presentation of the website. The image slicing is also useful in cases, where the images need to the stretched or scaled to fit in a pre-determined space on the web page.

Many companies offer PSD conversion services. They employ qualified and experienced developers, who convert PSD to Joomla templates, thus enhancing the quality of the web application. The conversion to the Joomla platform ensures semantic coding and pixel precision of the website. The websites can be managed effectively and so the conversion to Joomla is applicable to a wide range of web applications such as ecommerce websites or web portals. The companies offering the PSD conversion are experienced in handling different projects. They are quite professional and make sure that the projects are completed in time.


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