Sunday, 16 December 2012

XHTML Conversion and its Advantages

XHTML is used extensively in the coding of web applications. XHTML can be described as an extension of HTML and is more based on XML. The XHTML conversion can improve the quality of the website significantly. As it is a modern platform, XHTML ensures that the web pages conform to the current web standards. One of the main features of XHTML is that it focuses on more efficient and cleaner coding. As a result, the web pages execute properly in the browser.

When coding in XHTML, one has to pay attention to the syntax and rules. The XHTML code validation is very useful in identifying the errors and correcting them. The validated code is complaint to the guidelines and regulations of W3C. Many developers also include PSD conversions to XHTML as a part of the web development process. Thus, the websites can be accessible through multiple web browsers, which can be advantageous for the online users.

Many web development companies offer ecommerce development services. Zen Cart is an online store management system that is used in developing interactive and functional ecommerce websites. Among the numerous features of Zen Cart, one of the main attributes is the Zen Cart integration with content management platforms. Zen Cart supports multiple languages, which makes the ecommerce website accessible to online audience worldwide. It also ensures that the websites support the search engines effectively, which can enable the website to secure higher ranks in the result listings. This can boost the online presence of the company, and enhance its popularity significantly.