Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Conversion to Joomla from PSD Format

Joomla is a very popular content management system that is used in a wide range of web applications and ecommerce websites. The conversion to Joomla from PSD format is used to improve the overall quality of the websites. PSD files are bulky and are not compatible with web browsers. Converting them to a suitable Joomla template can increase their scalability and the web applications can be viewed in an effective manner. Many companies offer their services in converting PSD files to Joomla templates.

The companies are proficient in the field and can offer pixel perfect conversions, which ensure that the templates look just as the original designs. The companies hold meetings with the clients, where the web design screenshots are discussed. This allows the developers to estimate the amount of time required to plan effective Joomla templates. They proceed with the development of the Joomla templates from the PSD files.

The planning and development of the markup coding is very important in any web application. Converting HTML to XHTML provide numerous benefits such as bringing the web pages to the current standards. XHTML also focuses on cleaner and stricter code, which enables the websites to render in an efficient manner. When coding in XHTML, the developers also have to pay attention to several syntax and tag rules. The nesting of tags and the proper opening and closing of tags are important when coding in XHTML. Another main feature of XHTML coding is code validation that makes sure that the code is im compliance with the regulations of W3C and read more...