Monday, 2 June 2014

Types And Benefits Of PSD to Prestashop Conversion

The perfect example of a free open-source e-commerce solution is Prestashop. Through a PSD to Prestashop conversion,
 businesses are empowered to sell their products through online stores. Let us look are the various types of Prestashop templates available, which include free templates, premium templates and custom templates.
Free Prestashop templates are basic form, which allow for some flexibility, yet these are limited in their design and themes. Secondly, premium templates provide more functionality and better flexibility. Prestashop provides more types of templates at the premium level. Business owners consider premium level template as the most economical and time effective. On the other hand, custom Prestashop templates require coding and expertise of a professional IT web developer. Custom design will bring more flexibility and intricacy in design; however, this is often not worth extra effort.
Advantages of a Prestashop template are mainly flexibility and personalization. Being lightweight allows the website to be fast and easy to install. The templates are sleek and have intuitive interfaces. Prestashop allows for website hosting and custom-built solutions. Counting disadvantages of Prestashop template, then lack of scalability is at top. The lack of modules makes customizing Prestashop more difficult and time consuming. Prestashop also has fewer marketing features than other free e-commerce solutions.

Some helpful tips used by web application developers for this template include saving and renaming a copy of the template before trying to customization. Editing the copy version of the template rather than the original template, the template can upgrades easily at a later stage.