Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PSD to Joomla and Custom Magento, Now Create All-Rounding Website for Your Business

PSD to Joomla

If your website needs a customized makeover, then the best solution for you perhaps in converting to Joomla from PSD or Photoshop files. Loading a website that has images or graphics or files in format as complex and heavy as PSD can slow down the performance of the entire website altogether. With heavy to load and complex files in PSD format, the website in turn takes more time to load. However, a user may or may not wait that long for the page to load and may be inclined towards browsing through other options on a wide platform of the World Wide Web.

Joomla template is a suitable web content management system or CMS tool that allows one to develop a website that has to support abundant content in one place. This is considered perfect for creating interactive and user-friendly platform for online browsers. This template offers a scope for customization for variety in types of sites including news portals, social networking websites, e-commerce solutions and audio or video sharing sites.

On the other hand, if you are looking an ecommerce development solution that can support ca number of features, the PSD to custom Magento conversion will prove a lucrative decision for your online business. Magento adds a level of professional touch to your web page. To personalize Magento conversion according to your preference, it will reap great benefits to hire a team of qualified web developers to incorporate the conversion. Moreover, the team, alongside ensuring a seamless conversion will provide round the clock technical assistance.


Monday, 13 January 2014

PSD to Oscommerce or X-Cart- Choose the best as per requirement

Among various features an entrepreneur looks for in their website development team is quality conversion services. With the help of conversion from PSD or Photoshop format files to various templates will customize your entire website design, moreover, will assist in bringing additional features to the website that add function and aesthetic appeal to the overall product. If you are managing an online commercial site, among the best conversion offered in the market is PSD to Oscommerce.  

Oscommerce is considered the best option in the market of web developers to create a professional looking and dynamic website with lesser efforts. The open source solution has proven to have quality and supportive features for maintaining an e-commerce or online shopping solution. To accommodate all the features that come with this conversion, you will need to install online program management software.

After an Oscommerce conversion, you online shopping solution will have the following features.
  •          Multiple language support
  •          User-friendly framework
  •          Enables automatic web browser based set up
  •          Cross browser and platform support
  •          SEO semantic coding

If you are looking for an e-commerce development tool that offers wider set of features, alongside managing wide ranging options on a single platform, then A PSD to X-Cart conversion is considered the best. Here are some features you will get after getting an X-Cart conversion.
  •      Multiple payment gateway support
  •          Support of various currencies while making payments
  •          Effective management of product catalogues with unlimited length and multiple categories.
  •          Administrative support
  •          Product delivery and shipment information support