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Monday, 10 November 2014

Explore Business Promotion Opportunities with Custom Web Development Services

Internet is among the most reliable platforms to promote a business. Internet rapidly grows as an apt medium to promote a company, product or personality. The primary aspect a consumer does before purchasing a commodity is researching online. The World Wide Web provides a perfect platform to find alternatives available in the market. This is a perhaps a significant reason for companies to establish functional and scalable websites.   

Setting up your company website is a cake half-baked. The task is completed when website possesses qualities such as high functionality and accessibility for an online user. Custom Web Development Services are thus a perfect source to create and maintain a website. Expert web developers are required for the following

Ø  A website that is based on PSD or Photoshop files to be converted to light templates. PSD files being heavy in size usually take a lot of time to load the webpage. An online surfer will not waste this much time on one page and is likely to move on. Therefore, a PSD to CMS conversion is essential

Ø  Secondly, a website, which is scalable and easy to access, is more likely to retain a potential customer’s attention for long. As A newly established e-commerce you may also want to consider custom web development services.

Among the best open source content management solutions available in the market, PSD to Drupal is perhaps considered a useful one, which can build everything, from a blogging platform to a multi-faceted enterprise application. Drupal will allow you to easily organize, manage and publish vast content and offer endless opportunities for customization.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Importance of PSD to CMS and Wordpress Conversion

It is important that your website is developed in the most cross browser compatible method possible. XHTML is the most appropriate method for this. XHTML or hypertext markup language is considered the extended version of HTML. With the rise of handheld internet ready devices, the lazy web designers are being forced to program their sites more efficiently. A fast growing trend in the web design market these days is the use of PSD to XHTML  conversion.

The web has grown in to a powerful intermediate for a business to expand. An entrepreneur not only draws attention of his target customers but builds a brand name for his company at a global scale as well. For an online business, a website is a virtual address or a place of business, which has to be designed in a manner that yields high rewards.

Many developers even implement a PSD to CMS conversion with a vision to make a website more user-friendly and easily accessible. A CMS, short for content management system, is an efficient and trusted method of developing a website.
Here are some important features
  • ·         CMS is cost effective
  • ·         Easy to use and understand without technical know-how
  • ·         Simple to customize based on specific needs
  • ·         Autonomy of operations for an entrepreneur guaranteed
  • ·         CMS is a dynamic portal

Content management is even possible through a simple PSD to Wordpress  conversion. A conversion like Wordpress plays a pivotal role in overall development and success. A seamless conversion enables the users with an opportunity to switch themes, and increase value of your site.